Financial Planning

What is it?

We have a detailed and holistic Financial Planning process that lays the roadmap to systematically achieve the goals you may have, by way of appropriate wealth management.

This process brings in the required perspective and gives you a framework, to systematically achieve your goals. It also forces discipline in spending and saving, which helps you to cruise towards your goals, relentlessly and achieve them eventually.

While creating the plan, the planner looks into your life goals, your current situation, committed expenses, income / expense pattern, risk exposure, cash flows, future commitments etc. and suggests a plan of action, with which you could comfortably sail through life, meeting all the goals set within the timeframe, in a planned manner.

The planner would suggest corrective steps in existing investments and loans, as required, unlock money locked-up in unproductive assets, discuss your goals, funding of assets, expense rationalization, provide clarity about future requirements for children, retirement funding, provisioning for medical exigencies, providing a security blanket for the family, correct asset/ savings mix, tax planning … in short, everything that concerns you.

The plan looks at cash adequacy, after meeting all goals, and works out all these till retirement and beyond ( till atleast 80 years of your age).

We look at cashflows & draw up a cashflow management strategy, with a view to put your surpluses to good use and make provisions for upcoming expenses too.

As per your investments and future requirements, we draw up comprehensive, actionable recommendations on what you should do. That makes for a detailed & tailor made financial plan!

Financial Planning is an ongoing exercise. One will need to revise the plan, from time to time, to keep it current & relevant.

Why is it required?

Many earn well today – you may be one of them. Ask yourself – do you have the time, inclination, knowledge or skills required to manage your money, efficiently? If it is a No, you may also not have a cogent vision of what needs to be done for securing your future. There may be no blueprint, no plan, on which to proceed. This results in haphazard investments without understanding what actually needs to be done or whether you are moving towards the goal. This poses uncertainties with regard to goal achievement and a distinct sense of unease, about the future.

In a lot of cases, there is chaos in one’s finances due to a blizzard of investments without any pattern, as investment decisions tend to be adhoc. Many don’t devote enough time towards the decisions and managing one’s financial matters.

A Financial plan gives you a structure, a pathway to achieve your goals in a pre-meditated manner. As part of the financial plan, the planner also sorts out past investments and suggests appropriate investments now and in future, suited to one’s needs. The Financial Plan & the advice offered therein, ensures that there is clarity and step by step progression towards the goal, ensuring peace of mind.

Sort out your life with the clarity only a holistic financial plan can offer!

Be clear about what you want to get done. What are your goals? What do you expect the financial planner to do – is it only advice or are you expecting them to also implement the advice? What level of detailing and engagements you desire? Think about all these. Talk to others who have engaged financial advisors and firm up what you need.